The 3rd Annual Dove Hunt and Pig Roast

Dawn on 9-1-2011

 opening day of dove seasonThe 3rd Annual Dove Hunt and Pig Roast has come and gone. We want to thank every one that participated in this event. We are already looking forward to doing this again next year.



The Wyoming Boys

Here are our Wyoming boys

Here is only part of the doves

Here are the doves that made it back to the truck. Others were cleaned before they made it here. Altogether  everyone shot over 400 doves.


 Here is a great picture of that day, Doves and shotgun shells.

 Getting the pig cut up to eatHere we are cutting up the pig so we can eat soon.  


here are some of the hunters enjoying the pig and other food that was there. It was a hot day so shade was a nice relief rom the sun. 


every one getting ready to eat

One of our guides Chris Jones

Of our guides for Team Stillwater

 Another one of guides Josh and hunter Cricket
Opening day for dove season was a great time. We hunted from dawn to dusk with a break for the pig roast. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the 4th Annual Dove Hunt and Pig Roast! It is never too early to start planning. Thank you to every one that made this dove hunt great!
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