Stillwater Presents GUIDED Predator Hunts

Colorado is always been known as a farming and ranching state, with a plethora of wildlife species. In recent years we have seen predator populations explode! Along with causing problems within the ranching community. We are now starting to see a lot more animal vs. human confrontations. We have no shortage of coyotes, red fox on the plains, and bobcats in the mountains. With very little true hunting pressure, this can provide some very exciting action.
The Front Range of Colorado has continued to grow. With the growth, Wildlife must learn too adapt. Many animals have moved into town where food is plentiful and hunting pressure is minimal. Because of this, The coyote and fox population has sky rocketed! They have not only begun to hunt rabbits and prairie dogs. One of their primary staples, now is a family dog or cat.
Many of the properties we hunt them on are small Ag properties on the out skirts of these towns. The action is fast and furious. Many times, we will have 3 to 4 coyotes at a time respond. The shots come close and quick. For these we use a 12 gauge shotgun and #4 buck shot.
One of the major aspects to “deer management” is “Predator Control”. On our deer properties, we have a “kill on sight” policy. We rarely call on these properties.While this makes the coyotes skittish to people but when we do call….it can be very exciting. We use this tactic to call in and kill the smarter dogs that may have learned how to evade a bullet.
We have seen drastic number swings in our young deer. On Properties that we have implemented high pressure predator control. Our Wildlife numbers as a whole have been rising. Not only in the deer herd but also more small game as well.
The only problem is…
We can’t do it alone! We are now asking for your help!
Stillwater Outfitters is now offering fully guided predator hunt on nearly 100 properties across the Front Range of Colorado.
On the hunt, We will use both electronic calls and hand calls. As well as, remote control decoys. The success is nearly 50% of the stands. Most stands will produce at least an opportunity but you have to be ready. Because, once, you start the caller. You become the hunted. We have had coyotes at 5 FEET!

So come along and join us one of the most exciting hunting experiences available.
1 day Fully Guided Predator Hunt $200.00 Per day

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